A warm embrace is how we are introduced to the lovely Zena and Kykola in this sexy gallery. The hot pair are dressed and fully made up and ready to party, but this is the kind of party that we are lucky to be invited to. The girls share a glance and then lock lips, a passionate and full on lesbian kissing session begins and there is no sign of it letting up. The girls swirl tongues through each others mouths, delivering a spine tingling passion to each other. Very soon hands begin to wander and the girls find themselves slipping from their dresses, exposing their pert young breasts. This is the signal for the kissing to continue, but this time, it is not the lips but the nipples that receive the attention of the girls tongues. The girls return to sharing lesbian kisses as they continue with passion until they are now both down to just their pretty panties. Hands rub over the panties, discovering the wet delights they contain, and in the briefest of moments, they too are off. It is now time to concentrate on each others pussies as the hot lesbian couple gently nibble and lick at each others clits. Whilst performing cunnilingus they also take the opportunity to finger each other, slipping their digits deep inside the welcoming wet holes. With both girls in a state of extreme sexual arousal cannot hold back and they thrust their shaven pussies together, scissoring and grinding to stimulate their hot wet clits. This is what is required to finally take them over the edge and they both collapse, experiencing an intense and satisfying real orgasm.


We have it all at LezKiss! Tongue swirling, deep kissing, tongue sucking, lip biting, nose sucking, neck licking, fingering, breast worship, cunnlingus, tribbing and real orgasms!

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