The lesbian kisses exchanged when we meet Victoria and Angel really are some of the most exciting you could ever hope to see. The passion that the two girls show for each other really is amazing and they are obvious to anyone who sees, very much in love. The session starts with a little tongue swirling, each girl diving her tongue deep into her partners mouth and tongue swirling for each of their pleasure. They in turn such each others tongue, ensuring that they are able to still gaze into each others eyes as doing so. The girls then start to slip out of their clothes, exposing their pert young breasts to each other, and then both partake in a little breast worship, kissing, caressing and sucking on each other as the loving stares continue. In between the attention that the breasts get, the girls continue with the lesbian kisses, but as they do so ensure that their dresses come fully off, leaving them just in their panties. And now the intense lesbian passion really starts, each girl slowly removing the panties of the other as she first gently licks her friends clit before giving her friend the full on cunnilingus treatment. With both girls now naked the passion takes an upturn and before long both girls are licking, sucking and fingering each other. The session ends when the girls get to scissoring, rubbing their now dripping wet pussies together, the cries of passions increasing as they grind ever harder. It is too much for the girls and before they know it they collapse in exhaustion from their real orgasm.


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