Is it really true that redheads are more fun? Well I think you are about to find out as fiery redhead and cute brunette Katy and Denisa get together in the bathroom. Our sexy hot redhead certainly has a look of mischief about her as she moves in closer to claim her prey. The girls, having previously planned this occasion have already prepared themselves a little love nest on the bathroom floor with a plush white rug laid down on the cold tile floor and lots of pillows scattered around for extra comfort. The girls move closer together, their eyes close and their tongues meet for the first time as the start to kiss, a long, slow passionate embrace full of deep kissing and tongue sucking. They do this for quite a while, their tongues swirling and probing backwards and forwards into each others mouths and savouring the delicious taste of each others saliva. Without breaking contact from their deep kissing the girls now start to undress each other. The redhead is the first to loose her clothes. Her breasts now fully exposed she offers them up to her friend who is more than happy to oblige, she sucks greedily on them, sucking the soft flesh into her mouth and nibbling at the now erect nipples with her teeth. The redhead returns the favor and now both girls are ready for more. In a desperate bid to loose the rest of their clothes the panties are now shed and they are offering up their naked pussies to each other and their fun really begins as they start pussy licking, ass licking and fingering each other.


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