Katy and Demi have both got that look in their eye, the one that suggests they are both eager to have a bit of fun, and what could be more fun than a good old fashioned cunnilingus pussy licking session! The girls start off playfully, kissing each other teasingly, tongue sucking, nose licking and lip biting, in fact there is pretty much no part of each others face these pair don't lick or suck. As they play their version of tongue twister their hands begin to wander and quickly find themselves inside each others underwear, desperately groping and searching for a way to quickly shed the layers of clothing. Well that was easy, you can tell these girls have undressed each other many times before and within not many seconds the girls are now both naked. Their kissing continues but this time it makes it way down all over each others body. Stopping at the breasts, sucking in those soft plump nipples, gently biting and tugging, sucking them deep into their mouths. The kissing continues on its journey south, down over the stomach and navel and then legs spread wide open, allowing for easy access. With their bald naked pussies on full show the girls take it in turns to pleasure each other with tongues and fingers, licking, sucking, biting, fingering and driving each other wild until until they are both ready to cum. First one girl and then the other, both of these hot girls achieve their real orgasm, leaving them spent but still hungry for more.


We have it all at LezKiss! Tongue swirling, deep kissing, tongue sucking, lip biting, nose sucking, neck licking, fingering, breast worship, cunnlingus, tribbing and real orgasms!

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